Exciting Rebel Labs Snapchat update.


“We are pleased to announce huge audience growth and traffic across our Snapchat Discover shows; these have attracted over 4 million subscribers and 240 million unique video views since launching in Q4 2019.


Within just 6 months we have built a highly engaged community of 13-24 year olds, providing unique brand opportunities.

We have seen a sharp spike in user numbers during the first quarter as millions of people turn to the social media app for entertainment during the Corona Virus lockdown and we are thrilled to be commissioned to create this bespoke content to support their official programming for Mental Health Awareness Month.  We have some amazing music across the series and I hope you find the time to enjoy & Relaxify! Catch the episodes on Tuesday and Saturday for the next four weeks.”



– Jean Coffey, Head of Rebel Labs.

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